The Basil (Genus Ocimum) of the family Lamiaceae, is an aromatic herb grown for millennia from central Africa to Southeast Asia. Its origin is presumed in what are now Iran Pakistan and India. it has approximately 150 native species disseminated from almost all the tropical regions of the world.

The scientific name given by Linneo in 1753; derives from the ancient Greek, Ocimum comes from “okimon” name used by the great botanists of ancient times Theophrastus and Dioscorides to refer to the aromatic characteristic of this herb and the epithet basilicum, from “basilikon” that it means “royal, majestic plant”.

Among its applications stand out. The oil of Ocimum basilicum in perfumery and aromatherapy. It is also recognized for its wide use as a medicinal plant to treat cold, digestion, nausea, migraine, insomnia, acne, loss of smell and snake bites among other medical conditions.

In Mexico, Ocimum basilicum grows all year long due to wide adaptability to our tropical climates and the fertile, permeable and humid soils with convenient sunny position, also helpful that this plat can be propagated by seeds or by stakes, and has excellent growth rate in Mexican soils.