We provide Mexican allspice in two categories:

1.-Machine Dried: It is the most hygienic and industrialized method, which consists of using large gas dryers. This process must be carefully developed, observing the time and temperature in the machine, to avoid damage to the spice.

allspice machine dried

2.-Sun dried: This is the most eco-frendly method, consists of spreading the spice on yards and letting it dry, turning the spice several times a day for a uniform drying. This technique provides a beautiful reddish color, and maintains the rough texture of the spheres, also preserving a healty strong fragance, which are all, distintive characteristics of this method. 

Each category can be provided in three qualities:

A: wich is a Supreme extra prime selection, pure allspice, not even the straw attached to the berry,  only the spheres ready to be packed for retail sale. This quality is offered in 50 kg and 25 kg new polypropylene bags

allspice supreme "A"

B: wich is a premium fully clean selection, with ony the straw attached to the berry. no leaves no long straws. This cuality is offered in 25 or 50 kilos  new polypropylene bags

allspice B quality Premium

C: wich is a regular healthy crop, with some leaves and straws from the same plant. no foreign matter allowed. This quality is offered in in 50 kilos new polypropylene bags.